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MASIA ONE named one of the 10 women who changed Canadian Hip Hop

Complex did a series on the 50 people who shaped Canadian Hip Hop

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 16 Aug 2023

LiFTED has so much love for MASIA ONE that it was very important that we made her track about a terrible incident on tour in Australia, ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD,’ our first article when we started in 2021. Since then, she’s been doing shows and putting out releases left and right that always hit.

But LiFTED has only been around for two-and-a-half years. MASIA ONE has been in the game from the start and last week, she was recognized by Complex as one of the 10 women who changed the game in Canadian Hip Hop. The series by Complex is dope as they recognize the ladies, the early trailblazers, the artists in what should be Canada’s national anthem, ‘Northern Touch,’ the artists from Drake till now, and the people pushing the game forward.

MASIA is in good company as her list includes DJ Mel Boogie, Michie Mee, Ebonnie Rowe, WondaGurl, Jully Black, Eekwol, Eternia, Haviah Mighty, and Backxwash. One of the reasons why MASIA made the list is because she’s the first female MC to be nominated for Best Rap Video at the Much Music Awards, Canada’s version of the Grammys. The article also cites her work with Pharrell, Dr. Dre, and RZA, as well as her song placements in The Fast and Furious 8, and her track ‘You'll Only Love Me When I'm Gone’ being the theme song for the Singaporean show Titoudao as reasons for her inclusion.

MASIA said of the honor, “I felt very honored to represent as an Asian and female face in Canadian Hip Hop. At a time I was coming up in the Toronto scene, there was no one that looked like me in the game. I was constantly told Asian people don't belong in Hip Hop and got my fair share of racist and sexist backlash. As we recognize 50 years of Hip Hop music, we pay respects to the foundation of Black and Latino music that created the culture, yet celebrate today that our unique perspectives and cultural influences can contribute to this evolving art form."

She continued, "I didn't truly understand the importance of representation in the early years because I was so focused on proving myself as an MC, but today, as I see a whole generation of South East MCs flourish, I feel proud to be a part of breaking down some of those barriers - and doing it independent AF! Go get your #ChineyMoney kiiiiids!”

Check out MASIA ONE and the nine other females who shaped Canadian Hip Hop here.