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Vancity boys MANILA GREY drop visuals for ‘Sometimes’

This is the first of what should be many videos from their latest album

LiFTED | Winston West | 1 Oct 2021

MANILA GREY has been surfing on a wave of success over the past four years. The Filipino boys who hail from Vancouver, Canada have been riding high since their video '1z' hit the web in early 2017, and the foot has been on the proverbial gas ever since. Their success culminated in MANILA GREY being nominated for a Juno award in the category of Breakthrough Group of the Year for 2021.

The group is composed of Ghostride Neeko and Blame Soliven and almost exclusively feature production from Azel North. Their sound rapidly caught on as their combination of R&B, Rap, and sophisticated production has put the group in the spotlight. Their visual game is also consistently on point and their videos regularly feature a combination of fashionable and edgy drip coupled with tasteful cars and fit female companions. Videos for tracks including 'Youth Water,' 'Timezones,' and 'Shibuya' have racked up over 20 million views and have been filmed in locations around the globe including Vancouver, Singapore, and the Philippines.

After releasing the latest album, No Saints on Knight Street, which is aptly titled after one of the main strips running out of Vancouver, their fans have been eagerly waiting for MANILA GREY's next video drop. Last week the boys finally delivered with 'Sometimes'. Neeko and Soliven are seen serenading females and whipping a pair of Ferrari's around what appears to be the valleys just east of Vancouver. The scenery is epic and the drip is straight drippin' so fans of MANILA GREY should rack up the views for this in no time.

Watch MANILA GREY’s ‘Sometimes’ below.

Check out No Saints on Knight Street below.