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Malaysian rapper Abubakarxli teams up with Shalma Eliana for the upbeat ‘NAIK’

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LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 15 Jun 2021

Malaysia’s Abubakarxli has linked up with R&B singer Shalma Eliana for an uplifting new single ‘NAIK’ [rise] that’s pure, poppy, and positive - about overcoming life struggles. The track, along with a dreamy music video, was released June 11 and directed by Thaqif Saadon.

The Pop-RnB flavored track balances between Abubakarxli’s melodic rhyming and Shalma Eliana’s soulful singing on the hooks. In the video, the pair ride and fly through a magical world of pop references, including candies, breakfast cereal, and PlayStations.

Co-written by Shazee Ishak and singer-songwriter TIlla Hanna, Abubakarxli mentioned in the press release that the song title ‘NAIK’ is meant to encourage people to keep chasing their dream and ignore the people who look down on you. “It’s true that success does not come overnight. There will be winding roads every now and then. I hope this song can be the fuel to light up the spirits of those who feel like giving up” he said.

Newcomer Abubakarxli AKA Mohamad Fais Mohamd Yusuf recorded the song in September of 2020 with ex-Hip Hop artists Shazee and veteran rapper-turned-politician Altimet. Shalma was recruited on the strength of her recent singles, such as ‘Janji Terindah’.

Check out the good vibes of Abubakarxli and Shalma’s latest collab ‘NAIK’ below.