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Live Nation acquires majority interest in Clockenflap

Clockenflap reiterates that it will continue to operate independently

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius [Photos by Ainsley Myles] | 27 Mar 2023

After four years of being unable to put on Clockenflap due to protests and a pandemic, Hong Kong’s premier music and arts festival sold out to a music-craving community on the first weekend of March. Before the month even ended, Live Nation, the biggest concert promoter in the world, acquired a majority interest in Clockenflap, which means big things are in the works. Ticketflap, Clockenflap’s ticketing company, will still run independently.

On the final night of Clockenflap, all other stages closed down to pave the way for the Wu-Tang Clan’s first-ever Hong Kong performance. Once the OGs finished their set, Clockenflap announced that they would be coming back again - this year in December. Now people will be able to look at the lineups from pre-Live Nation Days and post-Live Nation days.

Justin Sweeting, one of the three Clockenflap organizers, stated in an interview with Hong Kong Free Press that they will continue to assert autonomy over their festival. “We still run an independent business,” he said. “We operate independently outside of that Live Nation touring universe. Our team will continue to create and manage and produce our festivals and events like we’ve always done.”

LiFTED is a fan of the hard work and dedication that Clockenflap put into Hong Kong, we can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

Photo by Ainsley Myles