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KOGYARU don’t care about what anyone says about them in ‘SHIRANKEDO’

The 5 elementary school students bomb the bass

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 4 Dec 2023

Elementary school is different nowadays. There is pressure not only to be great students but also to be cool. KOGYARU [‘Kids Gyal’ in English] is a brand new group out of Japan that is on the scene to make noise. The five elementary-school-aged girls are MCs and they bomb the bass on their new single ‘SHIRANKEDO,’ where they tell their haters they can go to the principal’s office if they don’t like what’s happening.

Ryua, Yunachi, Noapi, Lala, and Nagi have braids, eyelash extensions, bedazzled nails, dyed hair, and take no prisoners. Over a vicious Drill beat by dubby bunny, the girls each step to the mic and tell the people who don’t like how they look where to go. ‘SHIRANKEDO’ is a response to the naysayers on social media and translates loosely into “I don’t care what anyone says about me.”

KOGYARU has the look, and they are produced by Yayoi Daimon, so they have attitude, but can they rap? Within the first few seconds of ‘SHIRANKEDO,’ Ryu steps to the mic and goes crazy. She’s later joined by all the girls, and they show a lot of potential here with the track.

Of course, there is a dance that goes with the track because it’s 2023 and there couldn’t not be one. Overall, ‘SHIRANKEDO’ is a very positive start for KOGYARU and kids are going to be going crazy for them.

Check out KOGYARU’s ‘SHIRANKEDO’ below.