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KAWS: HOLIDAY tour hits the mountains of Jilin, China starting January 7

KAWS’ two Companion sculptures are going to be cold this winter

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Jan 2022

Like they always say, the eighth time is a charm. For KAWS, the eighth version of his KAWS: HOLIDAY tour is in Jilin Province, China at the Changbai Mountain area. This is very exciting because this is the first time the two Companions will be huddling next to each other in the snow-capped area of China.

The KAWS: HOLIDAY tour makes a lot of noise wherever it goes because people are interested in seeing art up close and personal. KAWS said on social media, “This location in the Changbai Mountain is such an incredible environment and it’s an honor to have the opportunity to show my work here. With all of the challenges people are facing around the globe, I think it’s a very important time to have public art.”

The Companions were last seen in Singapore as they were chilling in a football pitch very close to the Marina Bay Sands, the location of the world’s tallest infinity pool on the 57th floor. That was the first time KAWS debuted two Companions, one smaller one laying on a bigger one. For the rest of his tour stops in Hong Kong, Taipei, space, and Mount Fuji, there was only one Companion.

As always, people can line up when the exhibition starts on January 7 at 10 p.m. Available are Companion figures, a snow globe, as well as grey and navy zip-up hoodies.

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