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KARMA is calling YouTube rappers out in ‘Google Pay’

Views do not dictate quality

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 21 Feb 2022

Before the Internet, the world was different for musicians and rappers, where in order to get success, they needed to go an extra mile to get discovered. However, it’s the 2020s and everyone can call themselves a rapper as long as they have one track uploaded on their YouTube or Soundcloud.

This is especially true in India, the second most populated place on Earth. While established rappers are getting more YouTube views than ever, in a way, audiences are dictated by the number of views instead of the quality of the music. KARMA, who initially kicked off his career on YouTube back in 2017, is here to give his opinion on this current phenomenon in his latest release ‘Google Pay.’

In ‘Google Pay’, the edgy rapper hits hard with his bilingual verses. Riding on the beat produced by Deep Kalsi, KARMA relentlessly unloads his lyrical jabs against YouTube rappers who lack talent and charisma. It’s not every day we see the mild-tempered KARMA dropping such harsh words, but can’t say we are surprised. While boasting about his own success and his supreme status as a rapper, KARMA also gives out some advice to be passionate about the music instead of the fame.

KARMA is not saying emerging artists should not utilize platforms like YouTube to get some exposure, but the music itself is the most important thing, and we could not agree more. Not everyone is lucky enough to be the next Jay Park, Drake, or RAMENGVRL, but if you care about the music, fans will always find their way to you.

Check out KARMA’ s ‘Google Pay’ below.