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Kaneee & Daichi Yamamoto take it back to the 2010s with ‘ヤバいな [Yabaina]’

The Japanese rapper returns after a whirlwind debut year

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 29 Apr 2024

It’s only right to follow up a whirlwind of a debut year with a song that just blows everything you’ve done out of the water. Hailing from the vibrant city of Sapporo, Japan, Kaneee returns with his first release of 2024, ‘ヤバいな [Yabaina].’ Following his breakout performance on ABEMA's ‘Rapstar Birth 2023’ and his electrifying set at the POP YOURS Hip Hop festival alongside STUTS, Kaneee has been on a meteoric rise to stardom.

In 2023, Kaneee made his mark on the industry with the release of ‘Demon,’ followed by an EP titled ICON. That same year, he collaborated with prominent Japanese Hip Hop names such as DJ TATSUKI, DJ RYOW, and BAD HOP. Kaneee's distinctive style and lyrical prowess have earned him widespread acclaim and notoriety.

‘ヤバいな [Yabaina]’ continues his hot streak. It’s produced by ZOT on the WAVE and Homunculu$, delivering a beat that is heavily Memphis-inspired and reminiscent of the trap music of the 2010s. Kaneee and Daichi Yamamoto waste no time in showcasing their proficient rhyme schemes and effortless swagger as they spit rapid-fire verses over the production. It's a masterclass in lyricism and flow, further solidifying Kaneee's status as one of Japan's most exciting young talents.

Hot on the heels of this single, Kaneee is set to embark on his first-ever concert at LIQUIDROOM in Tokyo on June 14th, followed by Live House Anima in Osaka on June 27th.

Check out Kaneee and Daichi Yamamoto’s ‘ヤバいな [Yabaina]’ below.