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Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment celebrates 2Pac’s legacy with Interscope Records

The limited-edition collab includes hoodies, T-shirts & bandanas

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 21 Dec 2022

‘Hit Em Up,’ ‘Ambitionz Az A Ridah,’ ‘All Eyez On Me,’ and ‘California Love,’ along with many others have been cemented in the ranks of the greatest tracks ever in Hip Hop’s history, and with those tracks, 2Pac’s influence has spread far and wide around the globe. Those tracks are introspective, deep, and can be played at any party even today to prove they have definitely stood the test of time and will live on for many years to come. That’s not something every artist can say about their music, but not everyone is Tupac Shakur.

This month, Interscope Records and Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment dropped a limited edition collection in honor of 2Pac. Fujiwara is no stranger to the Hip Hop world, having been one of the earliest DJs to bring the sounds that we all know and love to Japan. The designer is also widely regarded as the Godfather of streetwear in Japan.

2Pac lives on

The collaborative effort between Interscope Records and Fujiwara brings a selection of T-shirts, hoodies, and of course, bandanas. For the most part, each piece in the collection is designed minimally. For the hoodies and T-shirts, there are two design iterations. The first simply the name 2Pac, while the second offers a geometric bust of the rapper with the word ETERNAL below it. The prices for the collection are as low as US$40 and as high as US$200.

Check out the full collection here.