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Chinese battle show Hip Hop Girl announces mentors

One of the most anticipated Hip Hop shows in China this year just kicked off

LiFTED | Leah Liu | 10 May 2021

Hip Hop Girl [黑怕女孩], the first female Hip Hop battle show in China has finally announced the mentors for this season. The mentor group consists of two professional rappers, one idol/rapper, and one singer.

There’s no doubt that Masiwei and Vinida, two huge Hip Hop stars, are good representatives of male and female rappers in China. If you know anything about Chinese Hip Hop, their names should be very familiar to you. Masiwei, the leader of the most famous Hip Hop group in China, Higher Brothers, is undoubtedly as popular as some uber-successful Chinese pop stars. On the female side, Vinida made her debut on the reality show competition Sing!China, and became a star among the country’s emerging singers. She then participated in The Rap of China and became one of the most popular female rappers in China. Vinida is using her music to push female values with songs like ‘Queendom’ and ‘Run This.’

Two of the other mentor decisions are a bit questionable. Jackson Wang is a superstar and adored by many fans, but is he really a rapper? His presence on Hip Hop Girl will definitely deliver eyeballs to the show. The final mentor is singer and songwriter Yico Zeng. There is a lot of controversy about this decision because Yico hasn’t ever done a rap performance, and many people questioned whether she should be a mentor when there are a ton of other stars who could fill her role.

Controversy or not, the mentor’s rolls are now filled and we are looking forward to seeing who comes out on top in Hip Hop Girl.