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GTA players pay their respects with a virtual funeral for Takeoff

Attendees were dressed in all white for the funeral & all black for the house party

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 9 Nov 2022

Last week, the Hip Hop world mourned the loss of one of its best, one-third of Atlanta’s Migos Takeoff. The 28-year-old rapper first rose to A-list status in 2013 when the Migos, composed of himself, Quavo, and Offset, dropped the anthemic ‘Versace.’ Things only went upward from then. When they released ‘Bad and Boujee’ in 2016, it quite literally took the world by storm and was rinsed all over the world. Takeoff’s position as one of the biggest names in the Rap world was cemented, and it never once looked like it was going to be taken away.

In October of this year, Takeoff released an album with his uncle, Quavo, Only Built For Infinity Links. Sadly, he was gunned down in front of Quavo at a bowling alley in Texas supposedly over a dice game. Takeoff showed no signs of slowing down, and he had a lot more to give. This Friday, November 11, Takeoff’s funeral will take place in person at the 21,000-seat State Farm Arena in his hometown of Atlanta.

Since many people around the world couldn’t pay their respects in person, the online gaming community took the initiative to hold an online funeral in honor of the late rapper. It was held on the popular online game, Grand Theft Auto 5.

There were rules that the online attendees had to adhere to which were no killing, staying in line, following the street law, and no crashing. The online event also required all players to be dressed in white for the funeral, and in all black for the house party that followed after.

Rest in peace Takeoff.