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Giriboy joins Woo to lament about their toxic exes in 'That's Why I Can't Talk About Love'

The Korean MC returns with a suitably somber single just in time for winter

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 19 Dec 2022

With over a decade in the game, award-winning Korean rapper Giriboy has made a name for himself as one of the country’s most distinguished MCs and producers. Getting his start from underground Hip Hop, his knack for versatility in his performances and beats eventually led to collaborations with notable Korean talents such as HEIZE, Kid Milli, Zion.T, and more. On his latest single, Giriboy then teams up with Woo for the hush ‘That’s Why I Can’t Talk About Love.’

Working with other artists, Giriboy has dabbled in a variety of genres like K-Pop and R&B. When it comes to his own music, cool and nonchalant vibes are his go-to – and ‘That’s Why I Can’t Talk About Love’ is no different. He and Woo detail their traumatic experiences with their toxic exes. Gaslighting and manipulation just scratch the surface of the things they had to go through.

You can hear the heartbreak in their performances as well. Over the stripped-back production, you can hear the pain in Giriboy’s voice as he sings and raps his way through the heartbreak. The single leans more towards the R&B side of his sound, settling a suitably depressing tone for the song’s themes.

‘That’s Why I Can’t Talk About Love’ is Giriboy’s fourth release of 2022 – following ‘One Snowy Day,’ ‘DEMOTAPE,’ ‘Abnormal Climate,’ and his 22522 EP. Featured artist Woo also recently dropped a stellar EP titled comma earlier this year, too.

Listen to Giriboy and Woo’s ‘That’s Why I Can’t Talk About Love’ below.