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GINJIN hits a milli on LiFTED Lounge’s ‘Yellow Django’

The Mongolian rapper predicted this back in May

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 25 Nov 2022

While LiFTED has been up on GINJIN for years, he didn’t make the cover until May of 2022. In that piece, he prophetically said, “YouTube is more like your business card or badge.”

Released a little more than a month ago, the first single on LiFTED Lounge, GINJIN’s ‘Yellow Django,’ is now officially YouTube platinum. That’s right! The Mongolian story-spitter goes hard in the song, and it has resonated with anyone who has heard it. It’s been Hype Beasted. It’s been reacted to. And there’s a special remix coming, but that’s on the low for now.

In that same cover story, GINJIN when on to finish his thought process, “When you have millions of views on YouTube, it becomes your tool to show them that “you da shit” or you are a legit one.”

After the success of ‘Yellow Django,’ there’s no doubt that GINJIN is da shit.

Check out GINJIN’s ‘Yellow Django’ below.