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‘Bad’ is the girl group’s fourth single

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 14 Feb 2022

The success of any girl group lives and dies by their members’ chemistry. Working in tandem when it comes to harmonizing, trading verses, and especially during their arduous dance numbers. Thus, the continual triumph of Dolla’s career continues to impress listeners worldwide as they gain new fans by the day. The Malaysian group’s latest single ‘Bad’ is another chart-ready release primed to capture the attention of Malaysians, which also comes with an impressive music video to boot.

Consisting of members Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel, and Syasya, ‘Bad’ sees the group getting back at their old flames after being burned, provoking them to try crossing them again now that they’ve “got the devil inside” them. Each of them delivers captivating performances over the EDM-heavy production. Plus, the two versions of the track in both English and Malay, show how dominant the group’s charisma is. They are in their comfort zone in both languages and captivating audiences anyway regardless of the version they listen to.

Where the group truly shines, however, is in their music videos. Like the best KPop has to offer, Dolla has never skimped on their visuals, always providing us with a feast for the eyes with dazzling set designs and awe-inspiring dance moves. It is a testament to their talent that Dolla is able to win over the hearts of many despite their relatively short career so far.

‘Bad’ is another notch on the group’s belt as they continue to prove that they are more than just a girl group heavily inspired by KPop. The individuality and flair are more than enough evidence.

Check out Dolla’s ‘Bad’ below.