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GINJIN & Mrs M get people to feel the December chill on ‘Tsas Buriin Toogoor’

Mongolia is a different kind of cold

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 8 Dec 2023

When people think of Asian countries, a lot of the time beaches and palm trees pop up. But Mongolia is one of the coldest places on Earth, where winter temperatures can reach -40 ° C. Two of Mongolia’s biggest Hip Hop stars, GINJIN and Mrs M, give people a little taste of that December chill with ‘Tsas Buriin Toogoor.’

The song has some Afrobeats drums, which are usually reserved for summer bangers but work very well here. Both rappers are understated and extra smooth for the holiday season. In the video, two stories are happening at once as GINJIN is wandering the streets where the snow is falling, and Mrs M is waiting for that special someone at a restaurant decked out in Christmas decorations.

Like most holiday tales, both protagonists end up in good spirits. GINJIN brings flowers and wine home for his lovely significant other, who is decorating a Christmas tree. Mrs M’s mysterious man eventually shows up and they end up holding hands and keeping each other warm on a cold Mongolia night.

Check out GINJIN and Mrs M’s ‘Tsas Buriin Toogoor’ below.