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DJs CHARI & SHINTARO search for spirals in ‘UZUMAKI’

The Japanese DJs are joined by YURUFUWA Gang & OZworld on the track

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 2 Feb 2023

When you spend a lot of time behind the DJ decks, you see spirals everywhere you look. Water is spiraling down a drain. A growing plant in nature has a spiral on top. Galaxies look like spirals in the sky. In ‘UZAMAKI,’ which translates to spiral in English, DJs CHARI and SHINTARO team up with MCs YURUFUWA Gang and OZworld, as well as producer Masayoshi Iimori, for a tripped-out ride between Hip Hop and dance music.

DJ SHINTARO is known for winning the Red Bull 3style World Championship in 2016. DJ CHARI is known for his irresistible ‘GOKU VIBES’ track. Add in a bit of wildness with the YURUFUWA Gang and smoothness with OZworld, and ‘UZUMAKI’ is a recipe for a hit.


The video for ‘UZUMAKI’ has all the song's creators sitting around a camp getting into the right mental state. Soon, things start spiraling, mushrooms start popping up everywhere, and Hip Hop choreographer MONA shows up to make things a lot more TikTok-friendly. ‘UZUMAKI’ has a feel-good vibe that will have listeners searching for their spirals everywhere.

Check out DJs CHARI & SHINTARO’s ‘UZUMAKI’ below.