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Macau is in the house with new album by multi-instrumentalist Achun

Keep Da Vibez Goin’ is an East-West sonic deep dive

LiFTED | Sean D | 11 Oct 2021

Keep Da Vibez Goin' is a very pleasant surprise from Macau-based musician Achun. A multi-instrumentalist and live performer, Achun’s material spans pure synth sounds, chunky beats, and bright and colorful electronica. The 10-track album is available on sturdy 180-gram vinyl, and follows in the tradition of DJ Shadow, Nightmares on Wax, and closer to home, Onra.

Achun represents a deep connection between Eastern and Western melodic traditions, with tracks offering up organic tribal rhythms, acoustic elements, and a heavy dose of bass and Footwork rhythms for good measure. To call Keep Da Vibez Goin’ eclectic would be an understatement.

Achun ain’t new to this. He has built up an impressive catalog in recent years, most recently with the full-length Unending Journey in 2020 and Define Me [And You], a 2019 collaboration with Hong Kong rapper Luna is a Bep. Keep Da Vibez Goin' genre hops and plays on a range of emotions, ranging from the experimental 8 bit-influenced electronica of ‘Another Arcade’, to the off-kilter Downtempo ‘Mellow Out’ to the bass-heavy frenetic energy of ’Say Goodbye’ and ‘Get Up Rite Now’.

Listen to Achun’s Keep Da Vibez Goin' below or buy the 12” vinyl on the Bandcamp link here.