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Dancing cactus sold in Taiwan marketed to kids with adult-themed Hip Hop song

No one will understand the Polish lyrics about drugs and depression, right?

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 Jul 2021

In 2015, Polish rapper Cypis came out with ‘Gdzie jest biały węgorz?’ [Where is the white eel?]. Over the past six years, the YouTube video has amassed nearly 30 million views and Cypis is one of the most popular rappers in Poland. The lyrics of the song cover many topics that millennial rappers talk about including drugs and depression. Here’s the chorus:

The only thing in my head

Is five grams of cocaine

Fly away alone

To the edge of oblivion

I have thoughts in my head

When will all this end

Whenever I'm not alone

Because a white eel will fly in

Over the weekend, there were news reports in Taiwan that a very cute dancing cactus toy is using Cypis’ ‘Gdzie jest biały węgorz?’ as marketing. A Polish woman was surprised when she was in a Taichung Carrefour and saw the toy playing the adult-themed song. A quick online check shows that the dancing cactus is available all over Taiwan as well as online at Ruten and Shopee, two of the biggest online retailers.

While it’s probable that most toddlers won’t turn to a life of facial tattoos, drugs, and suicidal thoughts because of the battery-powered cactus dancing to a Polish Hip Hop song, it’s also hilarious that marketers in Taiwan didn’t think to check what would be playing before placing it in front of the public.

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