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Crocs & Naruto get busy with a new clog collab

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 3 Feb 2024

Hate them or love them, Crocs remain on top when it comes to collabing with some of the most unique entities. In 2022, they released a pair of Wu-Tang Crocs. In 2023, they made some wacky Shrek and Hello Kitty ones. The wackiest of them all, however, was with MSCHF, doing up big yellow boots with holes in them.

And now, moving into 2024, they’re linking up with one of the world’s most beloved anime, Naruto. As of the time of writing, no release dates have been announced for the drop, but pictures of them have been released, and for Crocs and anime fans, these are dreams come true.

There are two designs set to be released for the collaboration. One will pay homage to the anime’s main character, Naruto, and the second, his Sensei, Kakashi. Each respective croc follows the character’s outfit colorways, along with Jibbitz charms representing the characters.

2024 is heating up quick with the Crocs Naruto combo.