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Indonesian rapper Warren Hue doubles up as he begins his journey with 88rising

He starts off freaky with Atarashii Gakko! & then goes punktrap

LiFTED | Zita Chan | 1 Apr 2021

It’s been a busy week for 18-year-old Indonesian rapper Warren Hue. The newest signee to 88rising has been in two videos that dropped this week.

In the first video, Atarashii Gakko!’s ‘Freaks,’ Warren lends a guest verse to the song that sounds mighty familiar because it samples house music legend Claude VonStroke’s ‘Freaks Don’t Fail Me Now.’ In the Tarantino-inspired video, the schoolgirls of Atarashii Gakko! have a dance battle against aging sumo wrestlers in a junkyard that doubles as a sumo ring. As with most of their videos, the girls are the heroes and once Warren drops his verse, the sumo wrestlers are in trouble. Eventually, viewers are treated to the unseemingly sights of 150-kilogram men dancing in circles wearing only their loincloths, and basically acting like freaks.

In his second release of the week, Warren goes solo with ‘omono punk.’ This video is on the opposite end of the spectrum of ‘Freaks’ as it has a serious tone and really shows his depth as a rapper. Besides busting out a wide range of looks in various picturesque places, Warren rips the 170+ beats per minute [BPM] track effortlessly in Indonesian, and then when the beat slows into a syrup-speed of 85 BPM, he floats on it in English reminiscent of Kanye/Cudi/Kendrick making other characters with their voices within their verses.

If ‘Freaks’ and ‘opono punk’ are any indication of what’s to come from Warren Hue, it seems that 88rising has found another star for their label.

Watch Warren Hue’s ‘opono punk’ below.