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Wu-Tang Crocs ain’t nuthing ta F’ wit

Crocs rule everything around me, CREAM get the money, dolla dolla bill, y’all

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Jun 2022


What happens when you take one of the best groups in the 49 years of Hip Hop and mix it with the ugliest shoes that have ever been produced in the history of footwear?

Words that make tearz stream down the cheek - Wu-Tang Crocs.

While that sounds like an awful joke or a marketing team given LSD and told to come up with the most unlikely collab they could think of, Wu-Tang Crocs are here. Because we live in a world where everything can be the hot sh*t for a moment, these abysmal Hip Hop clogs will sell out and be sold on eBay for thousands after.

Wu-Tang is everywhere these days with cartoons, vinyl re-releases, a US tour with Nas, a two-season origin story on Hulu, and even in Fortnight for the kids. But did they have to go here?

The Wu symbol is a sign of greatness. Crocs are on the picture that warns people not to get their shoes stuck in escalators. Every Wu-Tang member, associate, and their families should have generational money without bowing down to the gravel pit of plastic loafers.

Not only do these slippery slippers bring da ruckus while coming in yellow and black, but they also come with a five-pack of Jibbitz, which are charms to stick on and around the Crocs. Instead of solving da mystery of chessboxin’ or buying these brash boat shoes, we at LiFTED implore people to protect ya necks and ankles by LISTENING to more Wu-Tang Clan instead.