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Japan’s CreativeDrugStore releases first album, Wisteria, after 11 years

The album does not fall short on sounds or flows

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 25 Dec 2023

CreativeDrugStore celebrated its 10th anniversary as a collective in 2022, and in its 11th year, the multi-hyphenate crew dropped their first-ever album, Wisteria. The group, which consists of BIM, in-d, VaVa, JUBEE, doooo, and Heiyuu, are not just MCs. They’re also beatmakers, photographers and videographers, designers, DJs, and even party-hosters.

CreativeDrugStore has done it all within Japan’s music scene. On December 13, they showed how dope they are as MCs, too. The 14-tracker does not fall short on different sounds because there are left-field beats, slow jams, R&B takes, and even an 8-bit cut. They know how to ride it out on a smooth take or go completely berserk on high-energy belters.

There aren’t many MCs, let alone collectives, who could pull off making an album 11 years after they got together. CreativeDrugStore lives up to their namesake, and Wisteria is definitely a big contender for album of the year lists everywhere.

Check out CreativeDrugStore’s Wisteria below.