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CLOT's New Dynasty collection takes historic cues from Chinese Heritage

The streetwear brand continues its longstanding mission to bridge the East & the West


CLOT co-founders Edison Chen and Kevin Poon have long been representing Chinese creativity on a global stage, always bolstering a Made In China ethos and embracing heritage. When they collaborated with Nike on a CLOT x Nike Air Max 1 called K.O.D. CHA, the brand took inspiration from the act of drinking tea, one of the seven necessities of Chinese life, and the colours of the sneakers also referenced different varieties of Chinese tea.

Following the sneaker release, the designers have continued to bring forward the brand’s longstanding mission to bridge the East and the West while representing Chinese excellence, this time taking the label back in time for a collection that draws upon Chinese heritage. Titled NEW DYNASTY, the new line-up redefines the word dynasty, representing the "emergence of new CHINESE POWER and the impact of Chinese youth culture". CLOT is once again showing off what it truly means to be proudly Chinese-made.

Inspired by the traditional Chinese silhouettes, textiles and patterns, NEW DYNASTY is delivered as a modern and contemporary portrayal of Chinese roots. It infuses yin-yang patterns in oversized hoodies and pyjama-like sets, which one could match easily with the black and white fur coats, patterned bomber jackets and patched caps. The whole Chinese-inspired collection is full of details and accoutrements including graphics of dragon, phoenix, tiger and clouds as well as frog buttons.

The collection was showcased at a special presentation at Shanghai’s TX Huaihai Youth Energy Center in March, and is part of the label’s reinvigorated domestic push.

CLOT’s mission was perfectly encapsulated in Edison Chen’s 2017 speech at New York University. “We are all global and we are all the same people, even though our skin may be a different color it doesn’t make a difference. Doing something for China should be doing something for the world. We should be proud to be Made In China and proud of what our people and culture can offer to the world.

The new line-up will be stocked later this year at select CLOT stockists and JUICE STORE.

CLOT's fall/winter 2021 NEW DYNASTY presentation is below.

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