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Bohan Phoenix performs in the Barclays Center for the second time this year

Shawna X is also collab-ing on AAPI Heritage Night

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 30 Nov 2022

Bohan Phoenix first moved to America from China in 2003 at the age of 11. Not speaking a single word of English, Bohan was only introduced to Hip Hop through Eminem’s iconic biopic, 8 Mile. Ever since then, he gravitated towards Hip Hop and all of its culture – finding his identity and own strength in it.

Fast forward to 12 years on and Bohan released his first four-track EP, lovelove. Now, Bohan is a household name in the Asian Hip Hop circuit. He has multiple collaborations with other Asian rap stars like the Higher Brothers, Dumbfounded, and many more. But New York City was where the Yichang-raised rapper learned his trades. He made his way to the Big Apple in 2010 and grinded his way up through open mics.

In July of this year, Bohan Phoenix released his sophomore album, Cites are for Fools. The opening track of the album? It’s aptly titled ‘New York Made Me.’ On November 28, he performed at the Barclays Center during a Brooklyn Nets game, for the second time this year.

The performance, which took place in the stands, came in conjunction with the New York basketball team’s Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Night.

In addition to Bohan’s performance, Asian American visual artist Shawna X collaborated with the Nets for a merch drop.

The first time Bohan performed at the Barclays Center this year was in April. He turned the basketball court into his very own stage during half time, performing ‘Overseas’ and ‘3 Days in Chengdu.’ The Chinese rapper shared via Twitter, "To call New York my second home, and then be able to perform at The Barclays Center? After seeing Jay-Z and Kanye perform there? That was truly special. Shout out to all the day ones that carried me through these years, we're just getting started."

Check out his April performance below.