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CAMO is blowtorching the competition in ‘MAPSI’

The Korean MC is out to show her stylish side

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Jan 2023

A year ago on this date, CAMO got her first feature on LiFTED with her ‘FREAK LIKE ME’ single, which was showing some of the tour footage from when she played in London and Paris a few months before. Today, the Korean MC has released ‘MAPSI,’ where she shows up double-fisting blowtorches to take out the competition.

‘MAPSI’ means ‘being stylish’ in English, and the video is full of sophisticated and elegant shots. That includes the aforementioned blowtorches, stacks of money, some albino snakes, and outfits to die for. In one scene, there is enough fire shooting while CAMO dances in front of a close cousin of a Public Enemy logo that the whole Seoul fire department should have been on standby.


The song is her first single from her upcoming 13-track album titled Pressure Makes Diamonds. Ever since CAMO released ‘Life is Wet’ in 2020, the edgy and provocative artist has been in demand. With the release of ‘MAPSI,’ those demands will be increasing.

Check out CAMO’s ‘MAPSI’ below.