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¥ellow Bucks & JP The Wavy aim straight for the dancefloor with ‘GIOTF’

This duo is taking Japanese Hip Hop to the top

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Feb 2022

In ¥ellow Bucks’ latest party jam ‘GIOTF,’ he calls himself Mr. Club Bangers and he’s not wrong. He, along with fellow ‘GIOTF’ star JP The Wavy, are really hitting the 2022 party vibe but doing it 1990’s style.

The two Japanese rappers start the video at the bottom of a building about to enter an elevator for the ride of their lives. Once they hit L, the fun officially starts. ¥ellow Bucks is up first and he’s as entertaining as he ever is rapping from the elevator, a strip club, and the jewelry store. Fitted in a fly Gucci jacket with a fistful of ¥ellow and JP bucks, both rappers enjoy the twerking and the various dips and drops that the dancers do, while making it rain in every direction.

JP The Wavy jumps on second and the rappers ascend to the jewelry store for more mayhem. Fitted in a fresh salmon-colored silk jacket by Human Made that most people can’t get, JP shows off his drip while rocking the party with his rhymes. It’s another level so the money has to get tossed around, too.

‘GIOTF’ is made strictly for the club. It has some crazy bounce in it that will make anyone sitting down automatically get up and get ready to go to the top.

Check out ¥ellow Bucks and JP The Wavy in ‘GIOTF’ below.