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Breaking Beyond traverses the globe to explore the roots of 6 cities dance scenes

The docu-series hits Vegas, Tokyo, Goma, São Paulo, Rotterdam & NYC

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 May 2023

On the road to 2022’s Red Bull’s BC One finals in New York City, six breakers traveled around the globe to discover the roots of dance in Las Vegas, Tokyo, Goma, São Paulo, Rotterdam, and New York City. The dancers get out of their comfort zones in each unique location while learning the history of Hip Hop and breakdancing in each city.

As Hip Hop comes up on turning 50, getting the history right is of extreme importance. The thing is that around the world, Hip Hop came into focus in different ways. In some cities, it’s a means to survive. In others, it’s a way to have a huge following and perform at the highest levels.

In the fourth episode, the crew travels to Tokyo, where B-boy Shigekix takes Breaking Beyond on a culinary delight tour, as well as introduces the term Shokunin spirit. In Japan, the Shokunin spirit is when people pursue perfection in everything they do. Shigekix explains, "When you dance, it's not just about dancing, it's more about always thinking about how to master something."

In the end, Breaking Beyond lands in the home of Hip Hop, New York City, and hooks up with Hip Hop pioneer Grandmaster Caz during the Red Bull BC One finals. The OG says it best when he pontificates, "It feeds a basic need in all of us, a need for expression and culture. Hip-hop embodies the four foundational elements of culture; dance, spoken word, art, and music."

Watch the trailer for Breaking Beyond below or go here for all the episodes.