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Bohan Phoenix once again proves he’s ‘Always Down’

He brings his collaborator Slodown along for the ride

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 5 May 2023

Bohan Phoenix has created the perfect lane for himself. He can do what he wants. Release tracks on his schedule. He doesn’t have to make a Trap banger or a Drill heater unless he feels it. Bohan can rap in English or Chinese because he floats perfectly in both languages. He can get in Funk mode if he wants with ‘New York Made Me,’ or take it nice and slow like he’s done with his latest release ‘Always Down.’

This isn’t the first time we’ve run across the guest, Slodown. Bohan got New York City-based, Singaporean singer-songwriter to jump on a track with him before. At the end of ‘New York Made Me,’ Slodown sings it out. Also, Slodown did justice to a cover of ‘Me and Mrs. Jones’ with ‘Me and Mrs. Wong’ with Dumbfounded in July 2021. On ‘Always Down,’ Slodown slows the track down even more with his buttery vocals and smooth stylings.

So what is Bohan always down for? For one, with the sticky icky just legalized in NYC, he’s always down to smoke, but he doesn’t really drink. He’s always down to kick it. And one thing is for sure, Bohan is always down to drop quality tracks when he feels like it.

Check out ‘Always Down’ by Bohan Phoenix and Slodown below.