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BOBBY & Chanmina are far from ‘Harmless’ on new collab

The latest single from BOBBY’s 3rd studio album Sir.Robert

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 9 Mar 2024

A veteran in the Korean music scene, iKon’s BOBBY knows what it takes to make a statement when it comes to shutting down the haters. His latest single ‘Harmless’ is an aggressive declaration against everyone who has doubted him so far. And he’s brought Japanese rapper Chanmina along for the beatdown.

‘Harmless’ ignites with aggressive EDM-inspired production that sets the stage for BOBBY's fiery verses. With a Drum & Bass breakdown that punctuates the track's intensity, BOBBY unapologetically takes aim at his detractors as he dismisses the naysayers, urging them to “pipe down” while he effortlessly laughs off their insignificant criticisms.

Joining BOBBY is the electrifying Chanmina, one of Japan's most prominent female voices in Hip Hop. Her animated delivery pairs well with BOBBY’s aggression, while adding a layer of thematic resonance too, given her loud and abrasive personality that has earned the scorn of some in the Japanese music scene.

The single is also a standout from BOBBY's 3rd studio album, Sir.Robert, where he explores a diverse range of sounds, from aggressive Hip Hop tunes to Pop-infused melodies reminiscent of his work with iKon.

Accompanying "Harmless" is a stunning music video where BOBBY finds himself in a battle against his clones in zero gravity, symbolizing the larger-than-life challenges he faces in the spotlight.

Check out the music video for BOBBY and Chanmina’s ‘Harmless’ below.