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Big Naughty lives up to his name as he sneaks away to kiss girlfriend during set

This is not the first time the South Korea star has had girlfriend trouble

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 12 Jun 2023

At the sold-out Tone & Music Festival 2023 last weekend, Big Naughty was one of the major attractions on the bill along with GIRIBOY and Jay Park. During the middle of his set which included his hits like ‘Hopeless Romantic’ and ‘Joker,’ Naughty lived up to his name by running off the stage and kissing his girlfriend during the middle of one of his songs. When he came back, there was no explanation of where he’d gone and the show continued.

Of course, in the modern era where phones are out 24 seven and people are recording everything, a fan posted a video on Twitter that showed what he had done. Many people started criticizing him for being unprofessional and that he showed disrespect to the audience by getting a smooch while he should be working.

Soon, fans piled on saying that he always blames his tardiness to gigs on hanging out with his girlfriend. There was even one fan who said Naughty missed a flight because of his girlfriend and didn’t make a performance.

The bad buzz became strong enough for Naughty to issue a hand-written apology on his Instagram. He said that he was sorry for his, “frivolous behavior and inexperience” as well as his ‘narrow-minded thinking.” This was enough for most fans as they accepted his apology and wanted him to kiss his girlfriend on the stage next time.