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BBVDOLL’s new release 'SENSELESS' is intentionally saccharine Dance Rap

The self-proclaimed Anime Rebel serves up vanilla and spice in one track

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 25 Jun 2021

Up and coming Hong Kong-based artist BBVDOLL is back with her fourth single ‘SENSELESS.’ The young Hyper-Pop artist and rapper dishes out an electronic summer party anthem with absolutely zero Fs given. The bubbly track is rooted in a clubby four-on-the-floor Dance beat that veers off into a Trap groove without breaking stride. Known for her vibrant, trashy chic style, BBVDOLL has the ability to deliver lines like ‘Kiss me on my neck, I love how you pull my hair' with a youthful innocence that makes you wonder if she really does.

‘SENSELESS’ is a track that could be a Japanese Anime Idol ditty, but her messaging says go with the flow and let everything vibe, and go all out if it feels right. Just enjoy your youth and be senseless.

‘SENSELESS’ was crafted by producer AndyMan21 along with beatmakers Jvsper and Baptsx. BBVDOLL’s sugar and spice vocal blends in surprisingly well with the fun, atmospheric beat, creating a party vibe that swirls around the edges of Electro-Pop and Dance-Trap.

Listen to BBVDOLL's 'SENSELESS' below.