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bbno$, Low G & Anh Phan get delightfully odd on ‘pho real’

This cross-cultural joint will put a smile on your face

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 6 Mar 2024

bbno$ has been putting in work in the Asian region. He has shown love to Southeast Asia multiple times – collaborating with Indonesia’s Rich Brian, along with doing up shows in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as making Clockenflap go crazy. He’s got an affinity for the region and its MCs, and he’s carrying that on into 2024.

On February 28, bbno$ released ‘pho real’, which features Vietnam’s Low G and Anh Phan. The track is an instant mood booster with an infectious beat taking center stage. The smooth Canadian MC and Low G take up the first verse, dropping bars in both Vietnamese and English. Anh Phan follows in the second verse.

An accompanying music video was released on the same day, which features the three MCs having fun in the Land of the Blue Dragon. In its description, bbno$ writes: “Vietnamese food and culture is the best. I fell off a scooter and ruined my knee forever during this shoot I love these boys.” No lies told there, Vietnam’s culture is definitely up there on the list of being the best. The video, which keeps in line with Low G’s delightfully odd style, is one of the best that 2024 has produced so far.

Check out the video for bbno$, Low G, and Anh Phan’s ‘pho real’ below.