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Don Mills flexes it all on ‘OK’

This is the first single off the South Korean MC’s upcoming album

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 19 Feb 2024

South Korea’s Don Mills had a pretty quiet 2023. He did a bunch of collabs but did not release any of his solo work. But things are bubbling over now. At the start of 2024, AP Alchemy dropped a megamix of Talk Money, which originally featured only Swings and Don Mills but now features 24 MCs changing the track’s duration from only three minutes to 12.

However, collaborations aren’t going to be the only thing for him in 2024. On February 6, he released ‘OK’, the first single off his upcoming album. Although its runtime only spans a minute and 58 seconds, Don Mills takes every second of it to flex it all, as it opens up its hook: “I’m gettin’ big cash OK/I’m on the high class OK/I’m paying big tax OK/ still stackin’ ma cash OK.”

And that sets the precedent for the entirety of ‘OK.’ Don Mills wants you to know that he has bank, buys cars for the heck of it, and that there’s nothing anyone can do about it. The accompanying music video for it was released on AP Alchemy’s YouTube channel, and it features the MC in his gangster demeanor with stacks of cash flying around, and him driving the sickest cars.

Check out the video for Don Mills’ ‘OK’ below.