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BAD HOP ignites ‘THE FLAME’ in their hearts on new single

The iconic Japanese Hip Hop group finds it impossible to say goodbye

LiFTED | Jensen Ooi | 25 Mar 2024

It’s hard to say goodbye to what you love doing the most – just look at Tom Brady or Mike Tyson. If you know you’re one of the best at what you do, you end up telling yourself there is always just one last time.

When Japanese Hip Hop group BAD HOP bid farewell as a group earlier this year, it was a mournful goodbye to one of the genre’s most eclectic groups. Their self-titled album was a final hurrah to celebrate their legacy. A week before their last-ever performance in the Tokyo Dome on February 19, they unleashed BAD HOP [THE FINAL Edition] to the world, which contained an additional 11 tracks, one of which is the stellar ‘THE FLAME.’

Taking inspiration from melodic Rap icons like Gunna and Lil Baby, the track sees YZERR and Tiji Jojo crooning about the struggles of their upbringing and the general hopelessness that comes with choosing Hip Hop as a career path in Japan.

It’s an ironic track to put on their final record after the stellar career they’ve built for themselves, but it still hits as hard as any sentimental BAD HOP track as YZERR and Tiji Jojo pour their heart out over the smooth Trap production.

Check out the video for BAD HOP’s ‘THE FLAME’ below.