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Filipino Hip Hop Collective Bawal Clan join forces with Owfuck in gruesome music video ‘LaPain’

Their collaborative album Ligats was released in 2020

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 26 Mar 2021

Filipino hip-hop collective Bawal Clan has joined forces with Owfuck to release the first music video, ‘LaPain,’ from their very first collaborative 2020 album, Ligtas. The hardcore video was directed by Gian Mawo and features appearances by Bawal Clan’s OJ River, Nuevo, DZ SVG, together with Owfuck’s Astro, Lexus, and Paul Cassimir. The slightly haunting video features rappers interacting with a series of characters, all soaked in blood and either adrift or confined.

The two groups came together to create Ligtas, combining different vibes from the two parties. “We really just bounced off each other’s energy and kept building as much as we wanted to,” Bawal Clan’s Rjay Ty stated in an interview. The album was chosen to be the ninth-best Asian album of 2020 by NME.

Ligtas is a collection of thoughts and opinions on navigating today’s world without losing one’s identity. The album also reflects the vision from two parties, Bawal Clan’s Lex Luthoor mentioned to “The whole vibe of the project is about collaborating and working together towards a common goal, overcoming whatever obstacles you come across, and just getting that bag.”

Check out ‘LaPain’ below.