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Maylasian rapper Aman RA salutes delivery drivers

A spoken word video about the hardships they’ve faced touched a lot of people’s hearts

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 27 Apr 2021

Malaysian rapper Aman Ra recently posted a spoken-word video paying tribute to delivery drivers who have died while working during the pandemic, and now it has gone viral. The video initially was posted on TikTok with over 72,000 likes. Eventually, he posted on his Instagram and it now has nearly 100,000 views.

The somber video pays respect to the people who do delivery for a living, with words that illustrate the hardship behind their ordinary jobs in not-so-ordinary times. “Some of ’em, just love being delivery boys/some of ’em feel like they ain’t got a choice/some of ‘em do it for their family tree/some of ‘em fell off like a branch in a tree.” The video ends with tragic headlines about delivery drivers deaths in Malaysia and how sad it is that people were killed during a pandemic due to hit and runs or smashing into a pothole that should have been fixed.

Amen Ra is best known for his single ‘BudakFlat,’ released in 2016. That fame led him to be the chosen composer for the theme song of the 9th ASEAN Para Games held in Kuala Lumpur entitled, ‘I Am Here.’ In 2018, Aman released the album REBEL, in which one of the singles, ‘Bangun,’ was featured on the soundtrack for the Malaysian film, Paskal.

Check out Amen RA’s viral video below