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Jakarta to Houston: A.Nayaka’s story of Culture Shock

The Def Jam Indonesia artist drops 13-track album with stellar features

LiFTED | Sabiq Rafid | 8 Nov 2023

Jakarta-born Houston-raised A.Nayaka and his experience of being a third-culture kid is heavily displayed on the Indonesian MC’s newest 13-track album, Culture Shock. The project was released on November 3 via Def Jam Indonesia, and it includes a stacked list of features from fellow Def Jam MCs around the region like ALYPH, YHB Sleepsalot, and Fariz Jabba from Singapore, alongside Malaysia’s SonaOne who produced some tracks on it.

In the album’s opening track, ‘Top’, A.Nayaka spits, “Real ones gonna stay, I just be having a ball/Like I play for the Rockets/I just be having a ball like I play for the Rockets/Aku besar di tempat, tempat yang beda dari Ayahku/Dan aku selalu bertanya, “Apakah ini pengaruh terhadap perilaku aku,” over a minimalistic beat.

The latter half of the verse translates to, “I grew up in a different place from my father/And I always asked myself, "Does this influence my behavior?” It’s a brilliant way to open up the project, paying homage to Houston, while also building up the foundations to tell his story through 13 tracks. There are a lot of flavors on this project, spanning from introspective takes to outright bangers. Not only is it his story, it’s also a display of his growth as an MC, and how absolutely dope he is at being one.

Check out A.Nayaka’s Culture Shock below.