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8 BALLIN’ aims straight for summer 2022 jam status with ‘ALON’

Radiating vibes & positive energy all summer long

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 18 Mar 2022

Hip Hop is better when you enjoy it with friends. Def Jam Philippines’ 8 BALLIN’ is a crew that is redefining the word friends because there are 10 members that have all been tight since high school. On Friday, March 18, 8 BALLIN’ released ‘ALON,’ and it’s a summer jam for sure.

The crew [Schumi, Jhymm, Ego, LVX, Teen, Pray, R!S, CXY, Supboi K, and Juan] were in a studio when producer NJ sent over a beat. 8 BALLIN’ liked what they heard and looked around and decided it was synchronicity that there were a lot of signs of summer in the room. Pray was wearing a shirt with a wave on it. Ego had a tank top with palm trees on it. And the studio had posters of beaches plastered on the wall. At that moment, they decided that they were going to go for summer vibes.

To be a certified summer jam, you need to give off the right feeling. Teen says about ‘ALON,’ “This energy is meant to be shared with people who are close to us such as our friends and family.” Ego chimes in to say ‘ALON’ is special because of three reasons, “It’s a song of positivity and hope; it’s a song you can listen to when you want to unwind; this song emanates fun.”

Each MC in 8 BALLIN’ hopes that their latest single will help people have hope during hard times. They want people to feel that ‘ALON’ washes over them like a warm breeze on a beach at sunset with all their good friends.

Check out 8 BALLIN’s ‘ALON’ below.