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5 must-have microphones for rappers

The best home studio vocal mics for producers & artists

LiFTED | Sherrie Yip | 24 Aug 2022

Any microphones might do for simple recording, but the best vocal mics must capture the clarity and details of voice tracks. While this is especially true for recording studios that can afford high-end top-of-the-line mics, what about bedroom producers in home studios? Of course, you won’t likely be using a Neumann mic, but choosing a high-quality microphone is also essential for singers and rappers to produce their hits in the crib.

Here are the top 5 must-have microphones for home studio rappers to sound like a pro on a budget.


ZINGYOU BM-800 [US$39.99]

The BM-800 by ZINGYOU is known for its professionality at a low price, perfect for rappers on fixed budgets. The BM-800 comes with a set of features, such as an anti-wind foam cap that gives the best sound quality, a stable arm for recording in adjusted positions, an XLR connection, a protective cap, and more. The frequency range of between 20kHz and 200kHz might not be enough for a pro studio, but definitely enough to make some fire tracks.



If ZINGYOU BM-800 is a little too fancy, SAMSON GO MIC is also a good choice for home studios. Coming with a USB connector and computer clip, the SAMSON GO MIC is one of the most popular picks for home studio rappers due to its simplicity and convenience. The USB condenser mic comes with two polar pickup patterns, cardioid for tight and focused sounds, and omnidirectional for capturing sounds on all sides, like those gang gang shout-outs! It’s also great for different sound effects.



Ranking affordable mics with effectiveness, PARDUNLL USB MIC will always be near the top of the list. The cardioid mic includes a tripod for recording in your best positions, a pop filter, and a windscreen to ensure high sound quality with no pops or clicks. Simply plug it into your computer, and the PARDUNLL USB MIC will give you crisp, clear Rap vocals without any external sounds on your bars. This is a great mic to get started as a pro home studio rapper, even if it is a bit more expensive.


FIFINE K669 [US$27.99]

For beginners looking for the cheapest mic with the highest quality, FIFINE K669 is a great deal. Not like other budget mics, the all-in-one design of FIFINE K669 allows it to not just record vocals, but control the recording volume with its built-in volume control. This mic also comes with a desk tripod for holding it in optimum positions and a 6-foot USB cable, perfect for rap newbies to sound like pros.


TONOR TC-777 [US$29.99]

Another great bargain condenser mic with top sound quality is the TONOR TC-777. Designed specifically for human voices, TONOR TC-777 gives a wide frequency range from 10kHz to 16kHz, perfect for recording rap vocals. The cardioid mic also comes in midnight blue, with a tripod and pop filter allowing you to record in style, with great quality, and without external noise.