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Yeti Out crew launches Bedford Hardware

Micro design shop features Hong Kong-centric concept

LiFTED | Elaine Chung | 28 Okt 2021

Bedford Hardware is a new music-oriented concept store that’s just launched in the heart of the CBD in Hong Kong. You can’t find much pricier real estate than Hong Kong’s Landmark, but that’s exactly where this former industrial block design collective has set up shop. The store is a major reincarnation for one of the founders of Yeti Out - Arthur Bray - as well as some of his co-conspirators who used to share a studio-creative space in the Tai Kok Tsui industrial neighborhood of Hong Kong.

The crew has been plotting a re-birth ever since the industrial block on Bedford Road was knocked down in 2018, but this time they will be presenting the concept at The Landmark Central, right opposite FM BELOWGROUND. The store comes to life as a replica of a local hardware shop that echoes the urban aesthetics of Hong Kong. It’s a tiny shop but it’s filled with inspiring creations from the crew, plus other designers they admire. On offer are all the products and designs that they have been working on over the years, going back to the earliest days of their collective. In addition to their own designs, the store has curated quality goods from Victoria Hong Kong [Hong Kong-based skatewear brand], Loading Crew [skate and street apparel], LOUSY [Hong Kong street artists], OKOKOK [graphic design cult label], and lots of other cool stuff that aligns with the Bedford Road collective.

Check out their curation on IG here or visit the store at Bedford Hardware across from Belowground at The Landmark, 15 Queens Road in Central, Hong Kong.