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Tuan Tigabelas advocates for Indonesian women in tear-jerking ‘Enola’

No matter what, Enola is not alone

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 15 Des 2021

Tuan Tigabelas has been making a lot of good music, but this time he’s going deep. According to a recent shocking report, violence against women in Indonesia increased 792 percent over the past 12 years. Instead of standing around and doing nothing, Tuan Tigabelas decided to write a song and shoot a tear-jerking video for ‘Enola,’ the life story of a girl who has a life filled with senseless violence.

The heartfelt video starts with 20-something ‘Enola’ being wheeled into the emergency room and her eyes rolling back in her head. She’s flashing back to her life when deciding whether she wants to live or die. She goes all the way back to when she was a young child and her father would scream, yell, and beat her mother. From there, she flashes forward to her mother having another boyfriend who was more of the same of shrieking and trying to break down doors to get to the women.

Soon, the video flashes to Enola as a young woman. She has now run away to get away from all the brutality that she has faced, but only to be trapped in even worse situations. She’s working as a prostitute and soon becomes pregnant with a John’s baby. And she soon ODs, and the video ends back where it started - the cycle of horror complete.

On his social media, Tuan explains, “This issue is apparently the iceberg phenomenon, which can be interpreted that in the real situation, Indonesian women do not have a safe space for their personal and social life. Hearing stories of violence in the personal field from my female friends’ experiences, I realize this cycle keeps repeating. I framed the lyrics to ‘Enola' based on their stories.”

Watch Tuan Tigabelas’ ‘Enola’ below.