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Summer hits different with the TEAM WANG design pop-up store

The SPARKLES - MUDANCE concept store will be in Singapore until the end of August

LiFTED | Sherrie Yip | 9 Agu 2022

We can now add designer to the list of the many talents of singer, songwriter, performer, and producer Jackson Wang. Recognized as one of the biggest global fashion icons for Asian millennials and Gen Zs, Wang announced the drop of his summer collection SPARKLES – MUDANCE in late July under his streetwear label TEAM WANG design. Now the Idol-turned-rapper returns with a pop-up of TEAM WANG design, ‘MUDANCE Concept Space in Voco Orchard Singapore, from now till the end of August.

The free pop-up store by TEAM WANG Design is not only for Jackys [the name of the gifted 28-year-old singer’s army of fans] but also for all beach lovers, especially those who love pink. Indeed, the pink-hued tropical vibe of their SPARKLES – MUDANCE Summer Collection is summery, yet muted and stylish. The store’s interior is all shaded in nude pinks and decorated with deck chairs, floral print inflatables, and tropical plants, which creates a perfect beach-theme photo booth for visitors.


Fans and fashionistas alike can buy a piece of Wang’s stylish creations at the summer collection on display in the pop-up store, including relaxed tees, floral Hawaiian shirts, cropped gradient tanks, and statement-making peony-designed tracksuits.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Jackson Wang first makes his debut as a singer in Korea under the Kpop group GOT7, standing out and receiving widespread fame around the world. In 2017, Jackson founded his own production team, TEAM WANG, and shifted his focus to Hip Hop, releasing a string of solo tracks, including high profile collabs with the likes of Gucci Mane, and raising his international recognition. Jackson later became the founder and creative director of streetwear label TEAM WANG design, showcasing his talent for streetwear-oriented fashion and design.

If you can’t make it to Singapore, check out the SPARKLES - MUDANCE Summer Collection here.