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SlowCheeta reminds us to be more appreciative of ourselves with ‘TU THEEK HAI NA BHAI?’

Giving out the best bro advice

LiFTED | Roger Yiu | 22 Okt 2021

Living in the digital age can be stressful. We are constantly being reminded that there are better-looking people out there living the high life. SlowCheeta knows how this could mess with our minds, so just in time for World Mental Day on October 10, the Mumbai rapper tag-teamed with the multi-talented Saba Azad for a perky track to remind us all that we are enough.

Titled ‘TU THEEK HAI NA BHAI? [Isn’t This OK, Bro?],’ SlowCheeta goes for a kind of after-work party vibe. Things heat up, but it doesn’t go too crazy. The rapper has a jolly attitude and witty rhythms as he playfully dances his lyrics over the chilled-out beat. While Cheeta’s bars are delightful, the featured singer also Saba Azad also gets her time to shine. The singer/actress fully exhibits her musical talent here as she croons the sultry R&B hook, which adds some groove to the song.

The music video is best described as ‘Dope rapper making a Hallmark movie.’ The four-minute video unfolds three down-to-earth stories - a food delivery person, a lonely lady mid-divorce, and a middle-aged man going through a midlife crisis. They were all struggling mentally due to not being able to conform to the social norms promoted by social media. Yet, with a little confidence boost and given a hand by others, they realized all these problems are nothing to be troubled about. The video is also packed with cheeky visual gags and internet memes, which merges surprisingly well with the after-work wholesomeness.

Check out SlowCheeta featuring Saba Azad’s ‘TU THEEK HAI NA BHAI?’ below.