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Shloka & MC Maalik hold it down for ESports in ‘Stop at Nothing’

ESports are taking over

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 3 Agu 2022

As a sign that the times are changing, Shloka and MC Maalik just released ‘Stop at Nothing,’ a video for the track that is the theme to ESports Premier League’s [ESPL] second season. Not only are the rappers featured, but some of the players and streamers are getting a lot of shine in the video.

Previously in Hip Hop, if artists wanted people to watch their videos, they would hire celebrities or models to be in the videos. Instead of Denzel Washington or Bobby Brown making cameos, now people with handles like Roxx, Hastar BTC, iMazik Ace Black, Maxy, CarryOP, and Striker are getting all the love. Times are different now and people who do ESports are now influencers and celebrities.

Directors previously could add to their budgets by filling them with high-end cars, boats, helicopters, and chase scenes. ‘Stop at Nothing’ skips all the fluff and fills the video with shots of the games that will be played on the ESPL.

While the video is an ad for the ESPL, the advertisement only works if the track is good, and ‘Stop at Nothing’ is jamming. Both Shloka and MC Maalik are decent rappers and the beat, produced by GJ Storm, is highly listenable.

With more than a million and a half views in a week, ‘Stop at Nothing’ is an exhilarating new way to promote gaming.

Check out ‘Stop at Nothing’ by Shloka and MC Maalik below.