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24 all-star MCs will be competing on season 5 of Rap of China

A lot of big names are out for the grand prize

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 21 Jun 2022

The Rap of China has outdone itself again. The iQiyi show boosted Asian Hip Hop into the stratosphere when season one caught on like wildfire in China in 2017. Season two through four also did well, but with pandemic lockdowns causing a halt in production, plus Kris Wu’s legal trouble, season five was in doubt, but Rap of China is back with a vengeance.

Last week, Rap of China released their list of MCs who will be competing this summer [a starting date has not been revealed] and it’s stacked because this is an all-star season. All the MCs are well-known to fans and have an idea of what the show can do for their careers.

Rap of China contestants

The names that stand out are MC HotDog, Vava, GAI, Air, JelloRio, and Psy.P of the Higher Brothers. MC HotDog is the godfather of the Taiwan Hip Hop scene and was a judge on the first three seasons. It will be interesting how he does on the show. Vava is one of the biggest rappers in China and she’s got a huge fan base already. GAI, Air, and JelloRio have each won Rap of China and have that championship DNA. Psy.P of the Higher Brothers is also a wild card because he’s an integral part of one of the biggest Hip Hop groups in China.

Other MCs on the list include Gem, BrAn TB, Bridge, Capper, Gali, Kungfu-Pen, Huang Xu, Nineone, Pact, Shengyu, Tizzy T, Vinida, Wang Yitai, KeyNG, Round_2, and Zhang Yanqi. When they said they were doing an all-star cast, they did an ALL-STAR cast because a lot of these MCs were fan favorites and didn’t win the grand prize but got their careers out of being on the show.

Rap of China's all-star season is here