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MBNel taps in for a flawless performance on the Wish USA Bus

The Mudd Bruddaz representative performed his recent hit 'Opulent’

LiFTED | Winston West | 24 Sep 2021

If you're not yet familiar with MBNel we suggest you pay attention. The Stockton, California rapper of Filipino descent rose to industry prominence with his hit anthem 'In My City' from 2018 which helped turn eyes to the rap and gang activity that was rapidly growing in Stockton. MBNel is a Crip and his hometown is rife with gang activity and carries the nickname 'Glockton,' while being ranked as the 10th most dangerous city in the United States. MBNel is a survivor of the city's violence and came out unscathed from a shooting where his car was lit up with over 20 rounds.

Nel is known for his use of sample-based beats and the variety of subject matter that he addresses. Aside from simply dropping gang cuts, Nel regularly touches on personal matters including family, dreams, aspirations, and love. MBNel collaborated with $tupid Young on an entire project called 'Yellow Tape' which included hit records such as 'Aquafina,' 'Ridin' Thru The City,' and 'On Me,' which have racked over 12 million views combined.

Recently, MBNel stepped into the booth of Wish USA Bus, a moving music platform to deliver a flawless performance of his recent single 'Opulent' off his album No Hard Feelings. Nel's elegant flow and unique cadence are on full display in the performance with the artist flexing his skills for all to see. The way Nel smoothly mixes spitting bars and singing melodies is just a tease for fans wanting to see more. Hopefully more live performances of MBNel can make it online soon.

Check out MBNel 'Opulent' on Wish USA Bus below.