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Grand Opening/Grand Closing: FN Meka out at Capitol Records

It seems as though the future of Hip Hop is secure

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 24 Agu 2022

As news broke that virtual rapper FN Meka got signed by Capitol Records, the internet was abuzz. Many people commented that it might be the end of Hip Hop as we know it. Record companies didn’t need people anymore. They could just plug in data points and AI-rappers would be ruling the radio waves.

That all came crashing down as Capitol Records severed ties with FN Meka effective immediately after the news came out that the robot rapper used the N-word in songs and had insensitive material up on his Instagram account.

FN Meka is out

The Twitter account Industry Blackout issued a statement directed towards Capitol Records saying they lacked the awareness of how offensive this caricature is towards the Black community and culture and called for a formal and public apology.

Two hours later, Capitol Records issued a statement cutting ties with FN Meka, as well as offering their deepest apologies to the Black community for their insensitivity.

In the famous words of Chris Rock, “Grand opening. Grand closing.”