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Capitol Records signs virtual rapper FN Meka

The robot rapper just released his first major label single ‘Florida Water’

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 22 Aug 2022

Over a year ago, we took a deep dive into FN Meka, wondering if the future actually needed rappers. LiFTED’s answer was yes, the future needs rappers - for now. Well, FN Meka just signed a deal with a major label - Capitol Records - and has a new single out with Billboard number one rapper Gunna and Fortnite streamer Clix, ‘Florida Water.’ Maybe each year LiFTED can reevaluate if the future needs rappers.

FN Meka is an AI-powered virtual rapper. He’s been created using thousands of data points from social media and video games. He now has 10 million TikTok followers and claims to be the number one virtual being on the platform. For Capitol Records, this is a dream come true. They can create whatever future they want with the robot rapper.

FN Meka

The big questions are if the song is any good and if people will go for a virtual rapper. ‘Florida Water’ is like a lot of Emo Trap that’s being put out now. The beat, produced by DJ Holiday, seems a little average. At the moment, FN Meka’s songs and lyrics are done by real people who are not named or famous. This means FN Meka’s raps don’t really stand out in a crowd. Even having Gunna on the track hasn’t made it go viral.

Like everything in technology, these things take time to work out. The kinks will be taken care of, and LiFTED is predicting that a virtual singer or rapper will have a number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100. Since FN Meka is far ahead in so many ways with his hip looks and pimped-out AI lifestyle, he may be the one to change the game for good.

Check out FN Meka featuring Gunna and Clix below.