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Balming Tiger gets seductive with BTS’s RM in ‘SEXY NUKIM’

The alternative to Kpop goes Kpop with a twist

LiFTED | admin1 | 2 Sep 2022

The line between Kpop and Khop is being blurred and blurred more each day. CL is making albums that are poppy but have a lot of rapping on them. Honey J is a Hip Hop choreographer who is making amazing Miami Bass music. BTS even has Anderson .Paak drumming on their tracks.

Now, Balming Tiger, who used to be the alternative to Kpop for Khop fans, is back after a year and a half off on ‘SEXY NUKIM,’ and who did they bring with them? RM from BTS as a featured rapper. This is the place where the mind-blown emoji should be. The combining of all genres is a good thing. There should really be no labels or categories for music that people like. It also goes to show how open-minded Balming Tiger and the management at BTS is to make this happen.

Balming Tiger

The best thing about ‘SEXY NUKIM’ is that it’s fresh as hell. Instead of being a Pop jam, it’s as Trapped out as anything coming out of Atlanta these days with a slick beat produced mainly by ​​bj wnjn. The rapping is pitched down and syrupy slow. The video is as trippy as it gets and shows that Balming Tiger’s creative team is out to make the statement that they are back and better than ever.

Check out Balming Tiger with BTS’ RM on ‘SEXY NUKIM’ below.