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Aquaman wins MTV’s The Rappers Season 2 in Taiwan

The MC took the crown in front of a sold-out crowd

LiFTED | Marcus Aurelius | 10 Apr 2023

When LiFTED started in 2021, one of the first articles we wrote was about MTV’s The Rappers and how there were 12,000 applications to be on the show for season 1. We followed the show and were extremely pleased when Young Lee took the crown. But that was just the start of things.

The Rappers Season 2 just finished with a live show pitting the top six contestants against each other in front of a crazy crowd that was there to party. Aquaman, an ambitious MC with a heart of fire, took the crown and is now The Rappers season 2 champion.

The finale had a lot of drama as Gummy B, REX, SAVAGE.M/馬克, 小卡比, Aquaman, and Suhf had to go through a lot just to be at the final show. The popularity of the weekly show was shown when the final concert was announced and then tickets sold out quickly.

The audience was treated to a lot of amazing performances, including this one by the host Sona and the judges.

Eventually, Aquaman was announced as the winner and has a very bright future ahead of himself as long as he takes the title and runs with it.